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Puppy Aptitude Test
« on: April 18, 2009, 06:35:40 PM »
04/13/08 at 12:21 PM
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Hello,  Am curious to know if any of you performed the "puppy aptitude test" (talked about in the Monks of New Skete and the Kilcommons books) when you picked up your pups?  Do you have any other suggestions on what I should look for/test in order to figure out which personality would match us best?  I'm also curious about what questions you asked of the breeder to better sense a puppy's personality.  I'm getting a female from FWF and would be interested to hear about interactions on puppy pick up day with FWF but also with other breeders.  Sorry if this has been covered already -- if so, please point me to the right thread.  Thanks in advance.




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      04/13/08 at 12:40 PM
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I use to
use a ten part puppy apptitude test on my Lab puppies when we bred them.  The test was from the Seeing Eye Dog program.  It was administered on the 49th day (7 weeks old) to determine/rate the pups as far as dominance, trainability, pain threshhold, reaction to noise, etc.  It was a great way to assess the pups.  I used it to select the best candidates for obedience dogs (for trails) for myself and also to help place pups with new owners.  You get agood feel for the pups anyway as they develop, but the test confirms the temperament.

When selecting pups for myself now, I use a modified version of the test.  I check for willingness to be dominated, how 'hard' the dog is (pain threshold), reaction to being startled, willingness to follow, etc.  I also observe closely the pups interaction with its littermates.

My breeder for AM's generally selects the pup for you based on her assessment of you, your family circumstances, experience with dogs, etc.  so I never applied the test to my Oliver.  Some breeders, I understand Flying W is one, allow you to pick from available pups within your color & sex choice.  Obviously, being the first to pick would be advantageous.  I would also listen to the recommendations of your breeder since they know the most about their pups personalities/temperaments.

I hope that helped a little.

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Hey Jeff, I use the SE test too.  I, of course, am biased as I have had the pleasure of being paired with 2 of their dogs.  I also use the Monks test as well.  When owners come to get their pups from me, many will try some form of these tests.  However, by this time, my pups are so used to being tested, handled, flipped, that they don't react in the same mannoras they did when first tested.  I am not suggesting that performing these tests on your new pup isn't beneficial, but ask your breeder if they have performed these tests.  For example, even my pups who squealed and squirmed when they were first flipped, are so used to being handled and flipped by 7 weeks, that they all seem to be exteremely submissive.  I keep notes on all of my pups from the day they are born to the day they leave.  Don't be afraid to ask your breeder questions.  That's our job, and speaking for myself, I LOVE to talk about my dogs.


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Kerry - Your pups are so well socialized according to everything I have read from owners who have picked up puppies from you that they assimilate to their new homes really well.  And it is always great to hear from you!  (I am a big fan).

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Hi,  Thanks for all the responses.  Very helpful.  I will speak with the breeders first and, if I still feel torn, could try an abbreviated form of these tests, I suppose (not that I'll figure anything out that the breeder already hadn't!).   Thanks!


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